Politics Otunba Daniel is Suffering from Overdose of Political Prostitution -Kashamu



Buruji Kashamu, Chairman, Organisation and Mobilisation Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party in South-West Nigeria said former Governor of Ogun state, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, is someone suffering from an overdose of political prostitution; PUNCH reported.

Kashamu reportedly made the statement in response to Daniel's earlier statement that he (Kashamu) was suffering from political inexperience and over-confidence.

In a statement issued by his media adviser Mr Austin Oniyokor, Kashamu said itt was Daniel that is suffering from overdose of political prostitution as a result of his serial defeat in the battle for the souls of the various parties he sought to ply his trade.

"It is laughable that a renowned political prostitute like Daniel can refer to someone, who has defeated him several times as inexperienced and over-confident. What Daniel probably presumes to be his experience is how he uses party platform to negotiate and feather his own nest, just like he did in 2011. The national leadership of our great party, the PDP, is wiser now and will not fall for such tricks anymore".

"Perhaps, he thought we have forgotten that it was the same Daniel, who jumped from the Alliance for Democracy to the PDP, and from PDP to PPN, now PPN to LP, after the PDP made him all that he claims to be today.

"Now, he has gone back to LP and yet he says he wants to collaborate with us to chase away the APC government in Ogun State. We say ‘NO’. How can you collaborate with us to chase away the APC government when you are fielding candidates for the same offices, apart from the Presidency?

"We say this smacks of deceit and we would not fall for it. If you say you are the strongest party in Ogun State, we say let’s meet on the field. No need for any deceitful collaboration"

"For the teeming members of the Ogun State PDP, Prince Kashamu’s so-called political inexperience is good for them. It was the ‘political inexperience’ that made him defeat Daniel in the struggle for the soul of the PDP in 2011 and beat his PPN to a distant third position in the polls. If Daniel knows that he is experienced politically, how come he abandoned the PPN that he hijacked in 2011? Why did he not build it?", the statement added.

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