Politics Our Threat Analysis in the Army Predicted Terrorism a Long Time Ago - Jonathan Temlong


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General Jonathan Temlong, one of the elder statesmen attending the ongoing National Conference has expressed dismay with happenings in the country, especially the insurgency in the North East. The General who recalled that while in service, he was part of a team that did a threat analysis on asymmetrical warfare with far reaching recommendations predicted that Nigeria will overcome terrorism.

You agree that Nigeria is at crossroads and most people believe that your services as retired general are most needed at times like these. What is happening?

It is quite unfortunate that we found ourselves in this situation. But you must appreciate the fact that it is not a one-day thing. This started in 2002 during President Obasanjo. If certain corrective measures had been put in place and people have been proactive, we may not have got to this stage. However, insurgency as it is, or what we call asymmetric warfare, is very difficult to deal with. People believe there is a quick solution to it. No! It cannot end that way. Like the President said, with the number of troops he has inserted to the mission area, we still have problem because there is no how you can cover the whole of that area with manpower.

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