Metro Patrick Sawyer Was A Reckless Arrogant Bio-Terrorist - Dr. Ohiaeri


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Although Nigeria has been officially declared free of the Ebola virus disease, there are still those haunted by the events set in motion by the arrival of Patrick Sawyer on Nigerian soil.

Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American who brought Ebola into the country, was a bio-terrorist, bent on a mission to deliberately infect as many Nigerians as possible with the deadly virus, the Chief Medical Director of First Consultant Hospital, Benjamin Ohiaeri, has said.

In a detailed interview with ThisDay newspaper, Mr. Ohiaeri spoke of how Mr. Sawyer lied to his hospital that he had no contact with any Ebola case and how he plotted to be allowed to storm the streets of Nigeria to spread the virus.

He also revealed shocking details of how Mr Sawyer deliberately and systematically infected hospital personnel with the virus.

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Source: #PremiumTimes