Politics 'PDP States are More Violent Than APC States'- Nyako



Adamawa state governor, Murtala Nyako yesterday said that states controlled by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP are more violent than those controlled by the All Progressives Congress, APC.

According to Vanguard, Nyako's statement was a reply to an earlier one by President Goodluck Jonathan. During a PDP National Executive Council meeting in Abuja on Wednesday, the President had said that PDP controlled states were the most peaceful in the country as APC states were rife with insurgencies and other internal crisis.

As part of his response to President Jonathan, Nyako said, "The PDP which is the ruling party at the centre should realise that Mr. President is the President of Nigeria as such the whole country is his constituency. In the process of promoting the welfare of Nigerians and protecting the people of this country, every Nigerian matters whether he or she belongs to the PDP, APC or other political parties, including those who do not belong to any political party at all.

"It is rather ironic that explosions erupted in Gombe which is a PDP-controlled state while the statement was being made and some armed hoodlums stormed a radio station in Enugu another PDP state resulting in a number of deaths within the same period. We believe that the insinuation that PDP controlled states are more peaceful than ours is totally wrong. It is on record that more deaths were recorded in PDP states of Plateau and Kaduna States than in our state of Adamawa in the last two years.

"We have no segregated neighborhoods in Adamawa State; all our people live peacefully together in the same localities participating in activities as one entity. This situation does not exist in PDP-controlled states of Plateau and Kaduna where Christians and Muslims live in different neighborhoods and yet remain in perpetual fear. These are unfortunate situations that require more statesmanship than partisanship.

"We wish to respectfully advise the PDP to avoid partisanship when it comes to matters of security. The menace of insurgency is not an APC affair, it is not a PDP affair; it is a Nigerian problem. The only person with a pan-Nigerian mandate is the President of the Federal Republic. The mandate given to the PDP to run the Federal Government requires that such the responsibility of securing Nigeria and Nigerians should transcends partisan considerations", Nyako added.

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