Politics PDP VS APC: Edo Lawmakers Engage in Free for All Fight



The leadership tussle in Edo State House of Assembly entered its third day on Wednesday as the factions battle to control the polarized assembly.

A free for all fight between APC and PDP lawmakers resulted in the smashing of some glass doors in the complex.

Wednesday’s crisis allegedly started when the nine PDP lawmakers led by the suspended Deputy Speaker, Festus Ebea, enter the hallowed chamber for the day's proceedings. The 15 APC lawmakers led by the Speaker, Uyi Igbe, also came into the chamber and this led to a free for all, as the lawmakers openly exchanged blows.

The quick intervention of the Commissioner of Police, Mr Foluso Adebanjo, calmed the frail nerves.

Adebanjo immediately met with the feuding parties in a closed door session in the hallow chamber.

Security was, however, beefed up around the assembly complex as sniffer dogs, Armoured Personnel Carrier and police vans were stationed around the complex.

Major roads leading to the King Square, where the Edo assembly is located, was also condoned off.The usual hustling and bustling as well as business activities were crippled in and around the square.

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