Business Philip Morris, World's Largest Tobacco Company Begins Manufacturing in Nigeria



The world’s largest tobacco company, Philip Morris International (PMI), with operations in 181 countries, has finalised plans to commence manufacturing in Nigeria before the end of 2016.

The investment comes in less than two years of their starting operations in Nigeria and clearly indicates the confidence the company has in the economy.


Managing Director of PMINTL Nigeria Limited, Mr. Coskun Kagan Dicle, said: “We are proud to be in Nigeria at a time when economic diversification is so critical to Nigeria’s long term economic objectives. Our company was incorporated in December 2014 and during 2015 received all regulatory approvals required to commence importation of some of our world-class brands into Nigeria under the ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme from our factory in Senegal.

“However, in pursuit of our long term objectives in Nigeria, we have entered into a strategic agreement with International Tobacco Company Limited (ITC), a Nigerian company, to commence local manufacturing of some of our brands before the end of 2016.”

- Guardian