Metro [PHOTOS] Water Pump Vandal Burnt to Death by Angry Mob in Benue



A water pump vandal was on Sunday burnt to death by an angry mob in Benue state.

According to reports, three suspects attempted to steal the recently completed water pump, located at the Primary Health Care Centre, Gbatse, in Ushongo Local Government Area of Benue State.

One was caught and set ablaze by an angry mob while his accomplices managed to escape. Mr. Adanyi Gbatse, a youth leader, said the suspects gained entrance into the fenced area where the pump had been installed by cutting through the barbed wire.

At midnight, vigilant neighbours heard a noise within the premises of the motorized borehole and on getting closer, they saw that the men were in the process of removing the water pump from its position and raised alarm which attracted the attention of more neighbors.

The youth leader said one of the suspects was apprehended when he tried to start the motorcycle they had brought to use to facilitate their escape but it failed to start.

During interrogation the suspect who could only speak Hausa refused to give information about who he was and where he came from, rather he became violent and started a fight which resulted in him being lynched and burnt.

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