Sports Poor tactics: Blame Keshi for Nigeria's defeat to Congo -John Fashanu

John Fashanu has become the latest critic of Super Eagles coach Stephen Keshi,questioning his tactics in the game against Congo last Saturday.

Many people have criticised Nigeria's showings in the game,and Fashanu questioned why Keshi will decide to play safe,resting his some players for the game he hadn't even played.

“Stephen Keshi is one coach I admire a lot, but his tactics in the first half, and the players he selected cost Nigeria the game," Fashanu was quoted as saying by Vanguard Sports.

“I understand the idea of resting players because of the South Africa game, but leaving your best striker (Emenike) out, and starting with a player (Nwofor), who strikes no fear into the minds of the opposition, was a gamble that backfired.”

Fashanu further stated that the defence line is suspect,adding that a lot of work needs to be done in that department to remedy the team.

“It’s not looking good at the moment, but from what we saw in the second half, the Super Eagles are a good side in attack, but defensively there are so many issues.

“All the goals Congo scored are avoidable with some simple basics, but they weren’t there, if we are to be at the Nations Cup next year then a whole lot of work needs to be done on the defence.”


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