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In this report, GEORGE AGBA examines the controversy trailing President Goodluck Jonathan’s ostensible offer of amnesty for the Boko Haram sect against the backdrop of the presidency’s summersault of the pronouncement by Youth Development Minister, Boni Haruna.

The clarification made by special adviser to President Goodluck Jonthan on media and publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati was what many Nigeria had expected- that the president should contradict himself and say he didn’t grant amnesty to the heartless and depraved members of the Boko Haram sect. Since Minister of Youth Development, Mr. Boni Haruna announced last Thursday that Jonathan had offered amnesty to the insurgents, it has been widespread condemnation.

Nigerians fumed with a hazy anger that refused to vanish like vapor. How would the president direct his reasoning to the thought of granting amnesty to terrorist; cowards who go ahead to kill senselessly? If the Niger Delta militants were demanding for the development of their areas because of the oil explorations and exploitations that left their lands in a devastating state, what are the Boko Haram members demanding for?

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