Metro Presidential system of government no longer realistic – Ndume - PM News

Which system of government has Nigeria not practised ? We had practised parliamentary , regional government and military systems before ,especially in the 50s, 60s and 70s. There were no success in those systems. Now we are practising presidential system of government the one hundred percent result is yet to be actualised.
In Russia,Cuba even China where they practise Socialism and communism,they have achieved tremendous success in running the system due to good leadership style.
In United Kingdom where parliamentary system is practised, there have been success and United States that embarks on the same presidential system as Nigeria has achieved the same feat.
There is no system of government that is not good but it depends on the type of leadership style a country has.
In view of this, the people in helms of affair in the Nigeria should come together and deliberate on how people's lives and other infra structural facilities can be improved and developed so as to make Nigeria a better place live.

May be Nigerian should adopt confederation system as pratctised in Canada.