Metro Primate Olabayo - Things are Going to Get Tougher For Nigeria, I See a New Govt



Theophilus Olabayo, founder and primate of the Evangelical Church of Yahweh Worldwide, is predicting that things are going to get worse for Nigeria.

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Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES in Lagos, Mr. Olabayo said, “We have never seen anything.”

“Worse things are about to happen. Famine will be so great… we said we are going into agriculture but it’s not reflecting. There is a government that is coming, after that government the country will now be divided along geographical zones.

''The president has gone on leave, that’s what we were told. He’s a human being. Even if he’s sick, nothing is wrong for him to tell us as a country to pray for him,” he said.

“Whoever wish him dead is an enemy of this country because the man has really tried. First time we saw a man who confronted those looters. And they are not happy, they’re ganging up against him. They are throwing missiles against him.”

“God has allowed Buhari to start the foundation. We need to be prayerful. There is too much blood in the country. He, himself… you know he said that he did not know that the problem was this much, that it was as bad as this before he took over. He has done well. He’s an elderly man, over 70.

“God is going to show people that He loves Nigeria, He’s going to teach people sense. The judgment of God is coming, there will be total cleansing.

“He’s not the messiah. Let’s continue to pray for him. I did not say he is going to die, I never said so. But let’s continue to wait for him.”