World Quebec Legislators Give Terminally ill Patients Right to Kill Themselves



#Quebec's National Assembly passed a bill on Friday giving terminally ill patients the right to choose to die, news reports said.

The legislation was passed in a free vote by 94 votes to 22.

The bill, the first of its kind in #Canada, outlines the conditions under which terminally ill residents of the territory could request medical aid in order to end their life.

The main conditions to be met involve "an incurable disease, an incurable illness, which is causing unbearable suffering," CBC quoted the legislation as saying.

Meanwhile critics of the bill said it was wrong to give anyone the right to kill another person.

``The right to die is a much-debated issue across the rest of the country.

``The Supreme Court is studying whether parts of the country's criminal code regarding assisted dying violate the rights of the gravely ill.

``It is expected to rule in autumn,’’ the report said.