Politics Read: Why APC is Likely to Lose Lagos in 2015, by Femi Aribisala


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Just think how many votes can be harvested in Lagos by telling commuters an incoming PDP government will allow okadas back on the roads.

I did not know how precise my analyses of Bola Tinubu’s misfortunes are, until I saw the barrage of the Lilliputian army sent to attack me. In the last few days, I have been much-maligned and abused by a league of Tinubu’s henchmen. Lagos State cowboys have also descended on my office, asking for building permits when I am not building anything; demanding to know if my office is fire-proof, and threatening to close it down if I show no “satisfaction” within two days.

I remain undaunted by these shenanigans. The bottom line is that I am not the one running for election in 2015: they are. Neither does it matter if I am the buffoon they claim I am. It is a contradiction in terms to spend so much time and effort trying to discredit a fool. If my views are truly inconsequential, those planning to run for office would not be so determined to silence me.

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Source: #PremiumTimes