Sports Rio Ferdinand rips into David Moyes

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has criticised David Moyes for the club's performances last season.

United had an abysmal campaign last term,finishing outside the top four and failing to win a trophy.

Moyes was sacked last season following a poor showing taking over from Sir Alex Ferguson as the club's manager.

Ferdinand in his autobiography '#2Sides', which is being serialised by the Sun, criticised Moyes for some of his coaching methods adding that they were confused and frustrated by his mentality and angered by changes in routine, such as the chips being taken away.

"Guess what happened after Moyes left and Ryan Giggs took over?" wrote Ferdinand.

"Moyes has been gone about 20 minutes, we're on the bikes warming up for the first training session and one of the lads says: 'You know what? We've got to get on to Giggsy. We've got to get him to get us our chips back.'"

"Before every game he made a point of showing us videos of how dangerous the other team could be. There was so much attention to the subject it suddenly became a worry," said Ferdinand, in his autobiography, being serialised in the Sun.

Ferdinand added: "You heard a lot of guys complaining: 'I just don't know what he wants.' He had me doubting everything."