Politics Rochas Okorocha: Millions of Nigerians Will Pay Buhari's Medical Bills if The Need Arises



Governor Rochas Okorocha has stated that there are millions of Nigerians willing to contribute money to cater for President Muhammadu Buhari's medical bills should the need arise.

He was reacting to claims that President Buhari was using tax payers money to pay for his medical bill in the UK.

"If today there is an announcement that President Buhari lacks the money to treat himself abroad, believe me, more than 20 million Nigerians will contribute for his health. So this is neither here nor there.

"We must understand what and who he represents. President Buhari will not naturally lack funds. People support him when the need arises. He is a man who lives for the people. He does not live for himself.

"So Buhari must be seen as a great Nigerian who has made uttermost sacrifice in many ramifications. You can see that from his family. You can see that from his family, his children. He does not discuss wealth. So anytime he needs money, I am sure millions of Nigerians will contribute even if it is one kobo for his health", he said.


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