Metro 'Sanusi Not the Only Kano Emir to Face Opposition'- Dr Naniya



Dr. Tijjani Muhammad Naniya, a lectrurer in the History Department at the Bayero University, Kano on Tuesday told Daily Trust during an interview session that Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is not the first Emir of Kano to face opposition.

When asked if there has there been any a case of any violent opposition to the choice of an Emir in Kano, Naniya replied, "Yes historically, it happened. Before the coming of the Europeans, even during the appointment of the great great grandfather of the incumbent emir, that is Emir Abdullahi Maje Karofi, there was no violence per se but the atmosphere tilted to non recognition for the office. And because of that many of his followers were ready to go to any length to make him succeed. It was out of this fear that the representative of the then Sokoto Caliphate who came to appoint a new emir had to succumb and allow Karofi to ascend the throne. That was in 1855. But there was no violence.

"Then in 1892, upon the death of Emir Muhammad Bello in Kano, Sokoto Caliphate Tukur, the son of Muhammad Bello was to be his successor but the Kano ruling class especially those from the family of Maje Karofi revolted because the procedure was not followed. This revolt led to a violent fracas between the two ruling houses that led to the defeat of Tukur. In 1894 a new emir was appointed from the party of those that revolted. That was Emir Alu.

"The third time was during the appointment of late Emir Ado Bayero. You know Bayero came at a very crucial period of partisan politics. And because of what happened that led to the abdication of his brother Emir Muhammadu Sanusi, people felt that it was the son of the late Sanusi that supposed to be the emir. Unfortunately, the electors submitted the name of Ado Bayero and this led many people to feel that there was a deliberate attempt to destroy the family of late Emir Sanusi. In fact, there was a lot of opposition that some people even poured into the streets to protest. But once Bayero was appointed, he was such a very understanding , strategic and purposeful leader that he worked towards reconciling with the aggrieved parties. Eventually he succeeded in quelling the opposition through some policies. One of these policies was that he never tried to remove any appointee from his post. Secondly, he demonstrated that he was not interested in favouring his children over others. In fact, it was after he spent 29 years in office that he appointed his son as the Ciroman after the death of Alhaji Aminu Muhammadu Sanusi, father of the incumbent emir who had held the title. That was in 1992. Thirdly, he was able to lead Kano by being the leader of all people regardless of their political affiliations.

"The so-called violence that broke out in the case of the appointment of the new Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, I think it is just the work of some disgruntle elements who want to cause crises for Kano and Nigeria and with this insecurity nobody knows where it would end. Secondly, I don’t know if you have gone round to see where the protests are going on. It is just within the confines of the palace to Kofar Nasarawa. It’s just a minute area within a single local government out of the 44 local governments in the state. If 43 local governments are not involved in any protests, then you can’t say that there is a violent opposition to the appointment of the new Emir of Kano. I don’t think it’s fair to the emir or the people of Kano State whose population is about 10 million.

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