Metro Sen. Danjuma: We Need More Universities in Kaduna, Not Cattle Colonies



According to Senator Danjuma La'ah, (Southern Kaduna Senatorial Zone) Government should ask for lands to site Universities not Cattle colonies.

"We are willing to give Land for the establishment of government institutions, lands in partnership with industrialists, mechanised farming, estate developments and all positive social and economic endeavours that are of mutual benefits to everyone.

"..there is an existing Cattle Grazing Reserve in Laduga from lands taking away from indigenes of Zangon Kataf and Kachia Local Government Areas dating back decades ago.

“That massive land officially gazetted at 32,000 hectare, (32,000 football fields), but which the present Kaduna State government has expanded to 74,000 hectares was taken from my constituents without compensation till date, as records have it.

“It therefore, means that Southern Kaduna has already given much, much more over the needed 5000 hectares by 15 times or at least 6 times the needed space for a Grazing Colony – should the size of Laduga Grazing Reserve be put at 72,000 or at 32,000 hectares.

“Kaduna South Senatorial Zone, and by extension, the entire Southern Kaduna, rejects any attempt to seize more of its lands for the exclusive settlement of herdsmen and their cattle using state power.


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