Politics Sen. NA'Allah Speaks On Why Senate Confirmed Amaechi



The deputy majority leader of the Senate, Sen. Balla Na'Allah has disclosed details regarding the controversial confirmation of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi in a telephone interview with Sunrise Daily.

He said there was nothing wrong with the way and manner the Senate handled the ex-governor of Rivers states’ case that the screening and confirmation of ministers was done within the confines of the law, adding that the country cannot be run outside the envelop of jurisprudence.

“The APC is saying this is a party of change and all must be done within the law.”

We cannot stayed Amaechi’s screening and confirmation just because of some charges against him and allow the institution of government abandoned on such mere allegations, he said.

The parliamentarian stated that: “The rule of the Senate right from the PDP-led government in 1999 is particular that once a matter is in court, in respect to the independence of the 3-arms of government, then the legislature should refrain from entertaining the case on the floor of the Senate or house of representatives.”

He reiterated that the current administration is proving to Nigerians that it will operate under the rule of law, rather than the caprices of men.

NA’Allah also reacted to the parallel drawn between the cases of Rotimi Amaechi and Musiliu Obanikoro who served as minister of state for defence during the Jonathan-led administration.

He said people must distinguish between personal interest, political interest and the overriding interest of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The deputy majority leader pointed out that the only clarification to be made is that, there are guidance materials availed to aid the Senate in determining who becomes minister and who does not.

He said the provisions are contained in section 147 of the constitution, read along with section 65 and 66 of the same rule book.

Adding that, if no one can find anything to nail a candidate in those sections of the constitution, then the Senate is under obligation to approve the appointee as a minister of Nigeria.

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According to NA’Allah, the allegations brought to the Senate ought to have been accompanied by a declaration that those cases were not before any court of Law.

He said it was in the process of the hearing that the Senate realised that they were all subjects of litigation in the various courts including the court of appeal.

Regarding the walking out of the PDP Senators during the confirmation exercise, the APC legislator said the act was a high profile politicking, an isolated case where the test of democracy came to play.

Reacting to Senator Ekweremadu’s staying back after the PDP parliamentarians had left, NA’Allah said that the deputy Senate president understood clearly that democracy has been tested on the floor of the Senate.

The APC law maker noted that regardless the of the seeming controversy stirred at the Nigerian Parliament by the ministerial screening exercise, the relationship of the Senate leadership and the PDP will not be strained.