Politics Senators Reject Buhari’s Emergency Powers Bill



Some Nigerian Senators, yesterday rejected the President Muhamamdu Buhari's proposed bill to secure emergency powers aimed at addressing the nation’s economic crisis

The bill entitled, “Emergency Economy Stabilisation Bill 2016”, will be sent to the National Assembly by the president upon resumption from its summer vacation and after the Eid el Kabir holidays.

However, given the reaction of some senators to the proposed emergency powers being sought by Buhari through the bill, the legislation may be thrown out.

Several senators hinted ThisDay Newspaper on Monday that they will vehemently kicked against it, adding that it was “dead on arrival”.

According to the senators, who did not want to be named, some of the provisions in the bill were unnecessary, describing it as nothing more than a subtle way of avoiding counterpart funding by the Buhari administration.

According to them, if the bill is passed as proposed, the president will gradually transform himself into a dictator and draw Nigeria back to the path of military rule, which it exited 17 years ago.


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