World Sex Addict Who Had Sex Over 1000 Times With More Than 100 Men As A Teenager Shares Her Story



A former sex addicted woman Monique Price, 25, has come out to raise awareness on the dangers after her 10-year obsession nearly killed her. She believes that she had sex over 1,000 times with more than 100 sexual partners.

Monique claims she first became addicted to intercourse after having underage sex as a 15-year-old and was diagnosed with multiple STDs after having constant unprotected sex in the years after - even while pregnant.

Although she lost her virginity at 14, her dangerous addiction with sex started at 15 when she engaged in a group sex orgy with multiple different men - by pretending she was 18. She began regularly meeting older men she met online, sneaking different men into the house when her parents weren't home, regularly engaged in phone intimacy and practised lesbian and BDSM sex.

Monique revealed that as a young girl, her body had uncontrollable urges and weird feelings and when she went to doctor he told me it was teenage hormones.

'He asked me if I was sexually active but of course I lied because my mum was in the room.
Speaking out to raise awareness and help others, she said:

'Sex addiction is like a drug addiction. You will do anything to get that hit and you don't care how you get it or who you hurt along the way. It is just this uncontrollable urge that takes over your whole mind and body. I didn't realise what I was doing was dangerous because I was only thinking about myself. I was definitely a bad mother. I would put my children to sleep and then leave the house to have sex and wouldn't come back for days.

'Everyone in my family was angry with me and did not trust me at all. Even when I was pregnant with my fourth child, the desire for sex just get stronger because of the hormones and I would have unprotected sex with lots of different guys.

'I picked up STDs that could have killed my unborn child and still I didn't stop because my body didn't want me to. I was so stuck in a deep dark hole and didn't know how to get out. I thought my life was over.'

Recovering sex addict reveals that she had sex with more than 100 sexual partners after her first orgy at 15

Monique however had a life changing moment when a one night stand with a stranger Brandon Lamar Blu, 31, she met on a dating site in October 2016 turned into a proposal. He has now helped her overcome her spiralling addiction.

While Monique still battles the urge to have sex 'at least six times a day', she said Brandon has helped her break free from her sex addiction and instead focus on love, happiness and family. They are now satisfied with having 'romantic and loving' sex sessions twice a week.

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