Metro Singer Kefee is in a Coma, Please Pray for Her


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Teddy Don-Momoh, Kefee's husband, has sent a press release to Nigerians asking for their prayers for his wife, who is still in a state of coma after her flight mishap in Los Angeles. Read below:

"Kefee wants her friends, fans and well-wishers to know that she loves them. We just need prayers now; she just needs our prayers now because there is nothing God cannot do; prayer is the key. God is still the same yesterday, today and forever, He has done it before and he will do it again,’’ he said.

Singer Kefee collapsed while on a flight bound fo Chicago a few days ago. This caused the plane to make an emergency landing in Los Angeles were she received medical attention.

Teddy himself is still in the dark as to the full details of the incident as he wasn't present at the time. He says his wife has been in intensive care since.

Linda Ikeji says, "Kefee and Teddy recently obtained diplomas in filmmaking from the U.S. and had started off on some projects together. One was the shoot of her music video which was directed by Teddy.She also recently released a single titled, ‘Dem Go Talk’, before all this happened."​


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