Metro Sisters in Northern Nigeria Face Boko Haram with Faith -Global Sisters Report



The terrorists burst out of the bush on Feb. 26, 2014, in a small village outside of Maiduguri in Nigeria's northeastern region. One of the terrorists climbed over a wall surrounding a clinic run by sisters and killed two security guards. The rest broke through the gate, storming the clinic.

They attacked the maternity ward, which serves anywhere from 60 to 90 mothers, burning beds, smashing windows, destroying the entire wing. Smoke billowed out of the windows. Luckily, no patients were sleeping in the wing at the time. After hours of chaos and destruction, the terrorists melted back into the wilderness, leaving a blackened shell behind them.

Sisters in northern Nigeria were dealing with the terror campaign from Boko Haram months before the fanatical Muslim terror group erupted onto the world's consciousness in April of this year, after they kidnapped 276 schoolgirls near the town of Chibok.

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SOURCE: #GlobalSistersReport

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