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Nigeria is a land of the absurd, the strange and the illogical. So last Wednesday, General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) organized to kill himself? Well, that is what those who see Nigeria through the lens of the 2015 elections want us to believe. There are many things wrong with politics and politicians in Nigeria but General Buhari is well and truly above that. Even his opponents admit he is well and truly above board when it comes to the shame and corruption that accompany Nigerian politics. There was clearly a suicide bomber and the bomber was obviously desperate to ensure the retired General was part of his eventual carnage. The incident has since happened, scores have died and Nigerians in their usual way have moved on. Had we lost the General, the reaction from his supporters and fanatics could easily have plunged Nigeria into its worst chaos in a long time.

We have a problem on our hands as terrorists continue not just to maim and kill but to set us against one another. Following each terrorist attack are the accusations and counter accusations. “They know only Igbos sell in that market, so they chose that market to bomb of all places in the north,” is a classic response from a bomb blast that ripped through Kano in northern Nigeria. It did not matter to the person who wrote the words that there is no way anyone would bomb a public place in Kano and not kill more northerners. Even if we took for granted that only a particular ethnic group sells wares in a selected Kano market, should we also assume all the customers and buyers are from the same place? When bombs go off in a church, you are likely to read, “this people are only killing Christians, it is a war against Christians.” You are not likely to read anything from such people when a Mosque gets attacked or when the insurgents kill a revered Islamic scholar. Those who see the world through their bias often times do not see it through the eyes of logic. So they are not likely to remember than bombs are not capable of separating people into ethnic or religious groups, bombs kill and maim everyone within the radius of impact.

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