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This season, the Champions League has once again given us plenty of interesting duels. Soccer livescore of the games are now easy to find out on the sports statistics website. Only reliable information from the world of the main Old World club tournament is available here.
In 2021, the fans again (for the second time in the last 3 years) saw the English final of the CL. If Manchester City’s qualification wasn’t a surprise, no one expected Chelsea to manage to reach the decisive match of the season.


Speaking about the success factors of the Blue, the following should be mentioned:
  1. A relatively successful draw. In the playoffs, the team passed Atletico, which focused on the domestic championship this season; Porto with an objectively weaker squad; Real Madrid, which was on the decline.
  2. The leaders’ cool shape. Mount, Zies, Jorginho, Mendy and others are having a good season, which affected the livescore soccer of the games.
  3. Successful tactical decisions of the coach. For each opponent, Tuchel prepared something unusual. This allowed his team to achieve the desired result.
Therefore, for Chelsea the performance in the main club tournament of the Old World was definitely successful.

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The season ended with a number of unexpected results. For example, Barcelona, Liverpool, Bayern left it too early. This should add motivation to the teams, so that next season they will show their maximum and fight for the title again.
As for Chelsea, this season the team has clearly jumped above its head. Tuchel still has a lot of work to do to ensure that the team can compete with the leading European clubs at a long distance. This will probably require transfers.
Open the sports statistics website to find out how the new signings will affect the team’s performances in the Champions league, a table for which is publicly available. Together with us, you will always be able to learn more and become a real expert in the world of the main club competition in Europe.
Very soon, a new draw will start, which you can follow in real time. For this, it is easy to use any advanced device. The main thing is to have access to uninterrupted internet.