Some West Africans are Immune to Ebola- Experts



Medical experts have disclosed that some West Africans have natural immunity against Ebola virus. THE GUARDIAN has this story.

SOME virologists who specialise in Ebola are suspecting that part of the population in West Africa is immune to the virus, and that members of the special group can play a crucial role in efforts to contain the epidemic.

In a publication in New York Times, Donald Mcneil Jr reported that if the experts are correct, and if those people can be identified, they could be a great help in fighting the outbreak. “Immune persons could safely tend the sick and bury the dead just as small pox survivors did in the centuries before smallpox vaccine. Also, antibodies could be harvested from their blood to treat new Ebola victims.”

Anxious residents of the Delta State capital of Asaba can now heave a sigh of life as a series of tests on the suspected carrier of the deadly Ebola virus have been reported to be negative.

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SOURCE: #TheGuardian

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