World South Africa: Pregnant Student Beaten Up By Security Men



Yesterday evening till this morning in South Africa, tweets surfaced online of a pregnant student being injured by bouncers during the removal of students by the University of Pretoria’s security personnel, while their superiors watch.

This was made known by twitter user: @RietzieRoozel who said: "#UPResCrisis pregnant student beaten up by private security while their superiors watch."

The #UPResCrisis hashtag filled the twitter sphere on Monday evening and on Tuesday morning about black students allegedly being kicked out in the middle of the night by the security personnel.

Numerous tweets chastised the university for allegedly giving preference to white students who were financially better off and leaving students from disadvantaged backgrounds to contend with expensive private accommodation.


A placard displaying the protest hashtag #UPResCrisis

User @Dee_DimpleZ tweeted: "Every year students must display their struggles for yall to take them seriously neh @UPTuks? #UPResCrisis."

"Students from Waterkloof with cars are placed in res while students from as far as Malamulele in Limpopo are homeless on campus, #UPResCrisis," wrote @Thabelang07.

"Hearing female screams from campus now I'm panicking yini kwenzaka ntoni ni right guys eish how can I sleep after that #UPResCrisis," said @AfriqueSandy.

Kabelo Mahlobogwane, chairperson of the EFF Student Command at the University of Pretoria said a case had been opened at the Brooklyn police station.