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The current Champions League draw has been suspended, which automatically makes it historic, because such precedents have never happened before. This pause is especially offensive for teams that have managed for the first time in their history to achieve success on the international scene. In particular, we are talking about "RB Leipzig".


Nagelsman's players passed the group stage without any difficulties and beat "Tottenham" in the first round of playoffs in both games. Moreover, the young German team was stronger than last year's Champions League finalist. In betting company, Supabet registration is a great opportunity to start predicting how the club will pass the decisive period of a busy season.

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In mid-March, all world football went on hold, and "Leipzig" is not an exception. It is not yet clear how exactly this will affect the team's form. Only one thing is clear, the season will have to be completed in rather extreme conditions, and Nagelsman's players will not have the right to make a mistake. You can start betting via Nairabet app to leave your predictions about the outcome of the competition.

Entering the ¼ Champions League is the main achievement in the history of "Leipzig". There is no doubt, however, that the team is not going to stop there. Such facts testify in favor of it:
  1. Good performance of the players. Many of them play among themselves for many years, so the percentage of mistakes on the field is minimal.
  2. Nagelsman's coaching skills. The German has already become the youngest coach in the history of Champions League, who led his team to ¼ finals. He is only 32 years old and he works with the team for the first season. Nagelsmann left no chance for the more experienced Mourinho in the two-match competition, so he will surely prepare surprises for other opponents as well.
  3. The individual skill of the team leaders who can decide the fate of the episode in favor of the club.
All this together makes the team one of the main "grey horses" of the competition. If you think the same, download the Nairabet app and start making predictions for the events that interest you. However, you should remember that the fate of the Champions League, as well as dozens of other tournaments now largely depends on European football officials and the situation with the coronavirus in the world.

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