Sports Tanzanian Fans Bet Wives on Derby Match, Sign Contract [PHOTOS]


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Two hardcore supporters have taken their gambling to a new level with a bet on the Dar es Salaam derby.

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Betting on football is a serious business, especially for two Tanzanian supporters who were so keen to place a wager on a game they put their wives on the line.

Ahead of a local derby in Dar es Salaam between Young Africans and Simba, two supporters signed pledges to part with their partners if their respective sides lost. Unhappily for the fan of Young Africans, he saw his side go down 2-1.

A contract, which can be see above, has been signed by the two supporters and has even been verified by their wives.

However, local reports suggest that the fans managed to renegotiate the terms of the bet after the game and instead paid off the wager with money.

One of the directors of Simba even claimed that such bets are commonplace among fans.

See copies of the contract below: