World Teenager Shoots Grandma in Church, Says Her Big Hat is Blocking His Blessings


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A 19-year-old man was recently arrested and charged with attempted murder for shooting an 82-year-old grandma in church.

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According to reports from, 19-year-old Jonathan Cartwright was charged with attempted murder after he shot an 82 year old woman in church, because according to him, her big hat was blocking his blessings.

A police officer who was at the church at the time of the shooting said, “I went there to catch the Holy Ghost, not a body." He also agreed that even though the hat was big like the teen claimed, that was not enough reason to shoot the woman.

Other members of the church came forward to say the 82-year-old woman identified as Mrs Girtue, was well known in the church for wearing those kind of big hats.