Sports The Best Athletic Meltdowns Of All-time


As much as we all appreciate and enjoy watching sports at the highest level, we all secretly enjoy seeing some absolute meltdowns when they do occur. There have been some classics throughout the years too! It’s also undeniable that these meltdowns may have ruined a fair few sports bets in the past. But that doesn’t stop punters from continuing to bet on these athletes - which can be done by all BetMGM players.

On the subject of sports betting, punters are demanding bigger and better bonuses than ever before too. If that’s what you’re looking for - have a look at these lotteriespromocodes. Moving away from the attractions of online betting bonuses, we’d like to come back and focus on some of the greatest meltdowns ever seen in sports.

It’s all covered below, so let’s get started.

Remember these eruptions?

  1. John McEnroe - you cannot be serious Ah - good old John McEnroe. This guy achieved legendary status in tennis many years ago, but we can’t help but look back fondly on some of his classic tantrums. Perhaps the most famous of them all was McEnroe’s meltdown at Wimbledon when he protested his case for his shot being called out. As you will see in all of the videos that captured this moment, McEnroe realizes that he isn’t going to win his case, to which he can only muster - ‘you cannot be serious’.McEnroe really was the bad boy of tennis for many years, yet we believe this particular moment was his very best. These days McEnroe is quite the TV personality too, yet he is constantly reminded of the day he experienced this epic meltdown.
  1. Khabib Nurmagomedov - post-fight brawl Although we can look back on McEnroe’s eruption and laugh, this one was not all that amusing. With that said, it’s one that you cannot help but watch again and again. As some of you may recall, this infamous brawl occurred after the end of the highly anticipated UFC fight between McGregor and Nurmagomedov. Tensions had been building up massively for this fight, and at the end of it, Nurmagomedov absolutely lost it.
    He scaled the Octagon, jumped over the cage, and leaped into the middle of McGregor’s support crew to do damage on anyone and everyone. This resulted in a full-on brawl, and it also resulted in a suspension for both fighters from the UFC - understandably!
  1. Marcos Baghdatis - consecutive smashed rackets Maybe it’s something about tennis players because here we have another one responsible for a complete meltdown. In tennis, it’s quite normal for a player to get angry or frustrated and then proceed to snap their racket. However, it isn’t all that common for several rackets to be broken in the same match. And it’s even less common for several rackets to be smashed one after another.That’s exactly what Baghdatis did during an Australian Open match back in 2012, as he managed to break four of them in just one minute!