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WHILE appreciating God for saving General Muhammadu Buhari’s life last week, it occurred to me that Nigerians have been too bothered about what would or wouldn’t have happened if the worst had occurred.

True, GMB is a cult figure in Northern Nigeria, and his loss in such a violent attack would have thrown the nation into mourning, just like we all are thrown into mourning after every bomb blast and brutal killing by those monsters- Boko Haram.

This Colorado story is one nice one I took from Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State. Akpabio knows many Bible and fictional stories, and understands how to cleverly deploy one from his solid collection, when a direct answer isn’t expedient or may bear some unpredictable political consequence. Taking a question from Segun, journalist on TV, in 2011, just about the period he launched his campaigns for a second term in office, the governor looked a bit stunned when he was asked: “Governor Akpabio, what will you do if you lose this election?”

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A great story but I fear it is unlikely that 'What happened in Colorado' would not happen. There is much more at stake than the horse and we are dealing with a mob spurred on by their 'Leaders'.