Metro The Difference Between a Minister and a Minister of State Explained



Nigeria's former minister of state for information and communication, Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki Nakande, has stated that there’s a difference between a minister and a minister of state.

According to him, a minister of state functions as junior to the minister in running the affairs of the ministry and in the implementation of policies of government handled by the ministry.

He stressed that they differ in obligations in terms of operations.

“The minister covers all in the ministry while the minister of state assists him, the minister of state has his duty cut out for him by the minister because they have only one permanent secretary, hence the minister of state has to clarify with the minister before taking any decision in the aspects he is overseeing,” Nakande stated.

Nakande said when he served as minister of state for information and communications, the minister took charge of the information ministry, parastatals and agencies and functioned as the mouth piece of the federal government while he, Nakande, oversaw the communications aspect.

Controversies had emerged surrounding recent pronouncements by President Muhammadu Buhari, some of his aides and public affairs commentators in respect of assigning portfolios to ministers.

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