Metro The Sun: Aba Worse Than Ebola



Aba, the commercial nerve centre of Abia State, was agog on Saturday, August 30, 2014. That day, The Sun shone brightly on the dilapidated city. The residents, who over the years, had been united in grief over the total collapse of infrastructure in the city, had something to cheer. They were elated that their predicament had been exposed to the whole world to see.

They were happy that Saturday Sun presented a dispassionate report on the deplorable condition of critical infrastructure in the city. As soon as the newspaper hit town, it started selling like hot cake. The newspaper was a souvenir of sorts. For them, now that their story had been told in words and pictures, there could be a ray of hope that intervention may come from the Federal Government since the state government had abandoned them. Indeed, some of them suggested that the Federal Government should declare a state of emergency in Aba to address the situation.

Justus, a resident, said: “Beloved, I commend your write-up about Aba. Every aspect of the city is in utter ruins. Nigerians need to be aware of this. We can’t keep quiet anymore. It’s time for coordinated action for change. Some of us aren’t partisan or have any affiliation with any political party whatsoever but we just demand good governance. Abia and, particularly Aba, is in total ruins.”

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