Video These 5 Common Habits Could Be Slowly Killing You - Science alert


Jadesola Oshin

Bad habits are tough to break.
Even when they're truly detrimental to your health, certain activities can be difficult to give up.
Whether it's smoking, regularly indulging in sugary beverages, or binge drinking, there are a handful of practices that experts have linked to an early death.
Before suggesting that these activities were harmful, researchers studied big groups of people over long periods of time.
In one of those studies, published this week in the American Heart Association journal Circulation, scientists found troubling links between high intakes of soda and an early death.
And in a large review of two studies published in the same journal last year, researchers pinpointed five habits that appeared to be tied with a significantly shorter lifespan.
Here's an overall look at what scientists have concluded are the most harmful habits for your health:


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