This is What Actually Happens When a Person is Infected with the Ebola Virus


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We are living concurrently with the worst and deadliest outbreak of the Ebola virus, and it is happening right here in West Africa.

Last week, the World Health Organization confessed that the disease was moving faster than its ability to control it.

The Zaire strain of the Ebola virus, left unattended, takes no prisoners, with a fatality rate of 90%, it means anyone who contracted the disease had a paltry survival chance of 10%. We say 'had' because with the improvement in medical care, the chances are now better, as Dr. Nahid Bhadelia of the Boston Medical Centre observed. "There's a 60% mortality in the field," she said, if supportive care is involved.

For most of us, the Ebola virus is an enigma. How is it really contracted, and how come it kills so fast?

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