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“Man’s capacity for justice makes democracy possible. But man’s inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary.”
-Reinhold Niebuhr

Some call him “the Game Changer”.
Others say he is the “Asiwaju of Nigeria’s democracy.” Yet, not a few view him a “master strategist,” as a political titan of no mean measure. These are but a few epaulets that adorn the shoulder of this dogged fighter who, today, stands on a high moral ground to speak on Nigeria’s democratic dispensation – its norms, mores, codes, evolution, development and sustenance. But why, you may ask?

The answer is found in his firm belief and the sacrifice to ensure the enthronement of the dictates of a government driven by the wishes of the majority. His type is rare. More like a meteor, he blazes the brilliant trail across the political firmament eliciting varied comments from political observers of diverse dispositions. That depends of course on where one stands on each side of the great political divide. His is a bold mission is to straighten the many crooked paths in the wilderness wrought by anti-democratic forces from military dictators with their jack boot mentality to their civilian acolytes.

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