Sponsored Top Budget Destinations You Should Consider For Your Next Travel


Thinking of how you'll spend your holiday with a very low budget this January? Worry no know as this post will help you with some budget destinations.

Below are some destinations you should put into consideration for your next travel;

City Review: London, United Kingdom

London, the Capital of England and one of the greatest city in United Kingdom at large, which serves as the ideal city for immigrant go live in, a very popular city across Africa, thanks to the famous entertainment Industries, successful businesses and sporting events all over the city.
Ranging from Football giant such as Chelsea And Arsenal, two of the most successful football clubs in the history of UK.
Interestingly, in 2015, London was named the most visited city in the world, Which means there's something so unique people sees in the city


Here Are Few Things You Will Love About London
  • Great Public Transport System
  • Job Opportunities are never scarce, for Immigrant and Citizens alike
  • It's Cultural Music and Entertainment as a whole.
  • Great Ancient Library
London; Africans Choice

Ask any Nigerian about the opportunity of travelling to the UK, and any answer aside yes will be 'Sure, or Yeah'. United Kingdom present a great opportunity to Africans at large. Aside from being colonized by Britain, the love Nigerians have for the United Kingdom at large makes it so cool. Nigerians in the UK as at the last censor was close to 200,000. It speaks volume of how much Nigerians love the Great Britain.

But amongst the beautiful city in UK, from Manchester down to Liverpool, to Lancashire, Fabulous city out there, there's something so unique in London that Nigerians Like.

Aside Peckham, London have the largest population of Nigerians amongst the beautiful cities which speaks volume of how much opportunity the city offers the black! As of 2013, 5 commercial banks out of the 250 banks in London are owned by Nigerians, also, according to the Mayor of London, over 1 million Nigerians are in the city in the same year.

Are you planning to visit London in 2019?

Perhaps you are going on vacation, going on a business meeting, have your honeymoon, visit your family, or going to support your football team, whatever your cause for waiting to visit the beautiful city may be, travelling to London from Nigeria has never been so easy and cheap.

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