Money Top Five Sports to Bet on in Africa



Betting is a thriving industry in Africa. Bet9ja for example is one of the top 5 most visited sites in Nigeria in 2019, this goes to show how many people visit the site per day. The reason is not too far-fetched, betting offers a straightforward way of earning quick bucks with little stress especially if you know how to bet. The earliest sports sites started with football betting which is the most popular in Africa, but have progressed into other global sports. While there are over a hundred different sports to choose from, Africans generally like to bet across only some specific sports with a wide array of bookmakers to pick from. Top bookmakers like 1xbet, Bet365, and even indigenous ones like Africa-bet, SportPesa, Bet9ja are open to players depending on bet options, mouth-watering bonuses, and a lot more. We will count down a list of the top five sports Africans bet on.


Football is the most popular and dominant sport on the continent with the sport played on streets and roads, so it is not surprising to see that Africans like to bet on football. Africans also follow European teams and this is where most of the betting is done. With betting companies offering odds and events on one’s favorite team, who wouldn’t want to earn money while supporting their team? Apart from being a very popular sport, it also offers bettors the opportunity of choosing from a wide range of events which generally boost confidence as people tend to feel like they have a chance of winning. There’s also a version of football gambling called virtual, where gamblers can bet on virtual European Leagues in real-time and the results are out in a few minutes. Virtual gambling in football is gaining quite a following because in most cases, games are determined in a few minutes which makes it easier to win more over a short time.


Globally, basketball is the third most popular sport in the world and also a very popular sport in Africa. Basketball is a relatively popular sport in Africa and thus it is normal that it has such a huge following of gamblers. It also boasts a lot of options which also appeals to the general public and makes basketball an interesting sport to bet on. You don’t need much technical knowledge to bet on Basketball as you just pick a side or total points to be scored in a particular match and you are already on your way to earning tangible returns on your stake.


Tennis is a popular option for gambling for a lot of reasons; one of them is that games are available almost every time of the year. All football leagues usually go for a few-week hiatus after the end of the season but not Tennis, as countless competitions are going on daily and thus more opportunities to make more money. Also, Tennis games are readily available on most betting platforms so it is a viable option when gamblers do not want to look at football. Also, like football, there are favorites from Nadal, Federer, Djokovic, and Murray, and people always like to bet on those they support. Another reason why Tennis is growing as an option is because it comes with lesser upsets as opposed to football where anything can happen.


To an ordinary person who is not used to the game of horse racing, there will always be the basic assumption that all horses are the same, but all that changes when they start running. Horse racing is not as popular as football, therefore not every betting site offers it, and that has been the problem of betting on the game of horse racing. Recently, the general acceptability in the African market is getting even better. It is not as difficult as the game of soccer because it has lesser betting options.


Hockey is not a popular sport in Africa mainly because it started as a sport played on ice or snow, and those conditions are not present in Africa. Now artificial courts can be built albeit with a huge financial cost. For betting companies, it offers an interesting market for gamblers to explore and they are currently doing that to great effect. More and more people are jumping on the market as it is straightforward to choose what options you want and results for games always available on the internet.

While these are the more popular sports to bet on, others are gaining a following on the market. A look at Volleyball and the number of games available at some specific time of the day shows that bet companies are trying to push this market, it won’t take too long before it pushes one of our top 5 off its perch.