Metro Trafficked from Nigeria to Greece for Prostitution -Caritas



One day, a woman came up to me as I was selling oranges in my hometown of Benin, Nigeria, and asked me what I was doing.

I told her I was earning money so I could pay the fees for my art course. I was getting around 320 dinar a day (€1.50). She said that if I went to Europe I could earn €800 a month as a hairdresser.

It was my chance to turn my life around. Life in Nigeria was really difficult. It was only when we were on the plane flying to Greece that I realised something was wrong. The woman gave me a document with a name that wasn’t mine. When we landed in Greece, the authorities said that the document wasn’t mine because the date of birth was 1976, which would have made me 32, but I was only 20 really.

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Source: #Caritas

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