World Ugandan Foreign Minister Elected as UN General Assembly President Amid Severe Anti-gay Law Critism



Ugandan Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa was elected on Wednesday as the next president of UN General Assembly amid criticism over his role in passing Uganda's controversial anti-gay law.

His election came under intense questioning about the anti-gay law and his stance on equality for homosexuality.

Kutesa said on Thursday in New York in his speech to the General Assembly as president-elect, that his focus would be on finalising the post-2015 sustainable development agenda, paying particular attention to finding a solution for climate change, promoting gender equality and eradicating poverty.

His election to the post was controversial, being a confidant to Museveni, Kutesa consented to the controversial anti-gay bill and also defended Uganda's anti-gay stand in international forums as the country's foreign minister.

The United States of America mission to the UN issued a statement that acknowledged the election of Kutesa and called on the General Assembly to uphold the UN charter's principles on human rights.

Kutesa 65, is a lawyer-turned-politician and one of Uganda's wealthiest people and the owner of the firm that collects revenue and oversees all operations at Uganda's main international airport of Entebbe.

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