World Undergraduate Dies During Valentine Day’s Rough Sex


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A 26-year-old male student has confessed to the Police that his undergraduate girlfriend died on Valentine’s Day during what he termed “rough sex.”

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He told the Police that he and his girlfriend had spent the night drinking before having “rough sex” and falling asleep.

The Mirror reports that some of the man’s ex-girlfriends however informed Police that he liked to vigorously insert objects into his partners during sex.

An autopsy concluded that the young woman, a university student, bled to death from severe internal injuries suspected to have taken place during their sexual encounter.

The medical examiner noted that the lady was probably still alive when she was fatally injured, but was likely to have been unconscious, considering the volume of blood loss.

The incident, which happened in Texas, United States of America February 2015, led to the jailing of Chico Fierro, also a university student, for 25 years.

His late girlfriend, Karyna Rodriguez, a student at the New Mexico State University, was discovered lying unconscious on a mattress in his flat, with blood surrounding her body.