Sports Unique Sports Betting Options for Nigerian Fans


Nigeria is one of the frontrunners when it comes to countries that are open to sports betting. From long before other nations joined the club, Nigerian fans have been able to bet on their favourite games and make profits from them. As a result, there has also been an increase in the overall sports culture of the country. Nowadays, there are lots of people participating and indulging in various sporting activities.

When we look at betting options available to Nigerians, the list is endless. Thanks to online sports booking sites, it is now possible for fans to place wagers on events occurring across the globe. Strangely enough, though, maximum bets are still set on football, and that too on popular tournaments. However, if you want to work toward earning a considerable income from sports betting, you must look at some of the other betting options too, as they can be highly profitable in the short and long run.


National Hockey League
The National Hockey League is the most famous tournament when we talk about ice-hockey. The interesting aspect about this sport is that it is played only by a few nations so the games are more intense and it is easier for a punter to keep track of all the teams. As a Nigerian sports fan, if you plan to bet on ice-hockey, start by checking the best NHL playoff odds available, and then compare them to pick the most favourable ones. Once you have that, follow the recommended betting tip of spreading out your wagers. Pick a few different options, do your research, and then go ahead and place that winning wager.

Regional Football Leagues
Now, if you are a die-hard football fanatic and can’t even think about another sport, then maybe look at some of the regional leagues to add a bit of variety in your betting portfolio. Most local football enthusiasts follow Nigerian clubs or the more well-known competitions like the Premier League. However, if you want to make good profits, it is worth checking out Japan’s J League, American MLS, China’s Super League, and the A-League from Australia. All of these options present several chances of winning big, especially since the odds tend to tilt more towards the punter rather than the bookmakers.

Indian Premier League
Cricket has had a reasonably successful run in Nigeria, and there are several fans who enjoy a good game every now and then. A big push in the overall fame of cricket worldwide has been the recent introduction of the Twenty20 version. What is Twenty20 cricket, you ask? Well, it’s a shorter, faster, more thrilling format that comes packed with ample betting opportunities. The top annual competition in Twenty20 right now is the Indian Premier League. As expected, bookmakers readily release odds for all the games that take place in it, and it is a good option for Nigerian cricket fans.

Tennis, in general, is a simple enough sport to bet on because you don’t have to worry about too many elements except focusing on a few players. Wimbledon is especially suitable for betting because it is widely covered in media. As a result, a Nigerian fan interested in placing a wager on Wimbledon will have all the information readily available to them. Moreover, bookmakers take out multiple odds during the competition, so there are opportunities galore to win and walk away with a nice little bonus at the end.

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