World Unknown Man Surprises Restaurant Staff, Leaves £1,000 Tip On £79 Bill



A way to a man's heart is through food, popular saying goes. The truism in this saying has played out in an Indian restaurant as a happy diner in Portadown has surprised staff by leaving a £1,000 tip on a £79 bill.

Portadown Times reports that Chef Babu, (Shabbir Satter) of the Indian Tree in the town, said he was called over "very discreetly" by the man, who pleaded anonymity. The customer was one of a group of five who dined at the restaurant last Tuesday.

He said he wanted to add the huge service fee in recognition of the "excellent food".


Luna Ekush, who owns the restaurant, said the tip was "incredibly generous".

"It is a very simple thing to express gratitude, but this has had such a big impact. We are still in shock," she said.

"All the staff working that night will split the money as the customer said it was for everyone.

"I don't think anyone at the restaurant has ever received such a massive tip, I definitely have not.

"I want to thank Babu for his hard work, all credit for the food must go to him."