Valentine's Day: 4 Key Questions You Should Ask Yourself



Valentine's Day is generally set aside as the one day where couples and relationships are put center stage and into the spotlight. Not only is Valentine's Day a time to enhance your relationship or prove your loyalty to your true love, but it is also a time to re-evaluate your relationship and ask yourself some difficult questions.

How Much Longer do I Live with my Secret?
There are many people out there who stay in unhealthy relationships for all of the wrong reasons. A man who knows he is gay has been trying to keep up appearances with his female partner for years, and that relationship is unfair to the both of them. Women in an abusive relationship feel trapped, but they often do nothing to take back control of their lives.

Valentine's Day is the time to make the tough decisions that will bring you a lifetime of happiness. Whether you decide to come out to your partner or seek out help in leaving an abusive relationship, the best time to do it is the time of year when relationships are on everyone's minds.

Am I Really Happy?
A good and healthy relationship satisfies you at every level. Your relationship should enhance the sexual, financial, social and emotional elements of your life and make you happy to wake up every morning.

Are you really happy in your relationship? Is there something missing that can be added, or something broken that can be fixed? Make this year the Valentine's Day when you have an open discussion with your significant other about the health of your relationship. Whether you two agree to repair the damage or decide to move on from each other, you will be better off in the long run either way.

Is Now the Time?
You have been waiting for your significant other to pop the question, but years later there is still no ring on your finger. Does it really matter to you that much? Do you need marriage to make you happy, or is your relationship perfect the way it is?

Many people want commitment in a long-term relationship, but that can sometimes conflict with their partner's plans. This is the year that you make the decision to push the topic of commitment and stand by your decision, or decide that you love your relationship the way it is and would not change a thing.

Am I Right for this Situation?
Perhaps the hardest questions to ask are the ones that involve pointing the finger at yourself. Is your lack of desire to live in other places holding back your loved one's career? Do you have anger management issues that your relationship seems to amplify? Are you really right for the relationship you are in?

Some people can have a difficult time admitting that they are possessive of their significant other and don't care if that hurts their partner or not. Valentine's Day is a day of love and honesty. This year, be honest with yourself and decide if you are the right person to be with your partner, or if maybe it is time you let your partner spread their wings and be themselves.

There is a lot of power in a day set aside for love, but not all of that power is positive. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves tough questions to secure our future happiness, or we have to look in the mirror and be honest with ourselves and the person that we feel we love the most.

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