Metro [VIDEO] No Officer Has The Right To Check Your Phone – Lagos Police


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The Lagos State Police has reiterated that officers of the force are not empowered by right to search mobile phones during routine stop and search exercise on the road.

The Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, made this known in an interview.

She said: 'Your phone is private, it's your private property because people do alot of private stuffs on their mobile phones so it's wrong. Police officers have no right to do that except there is a reasonable ground to do so'.

See video below:

lagos ppro.PNG

Azeez Taiwo

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Madam we know dat already.... Even before I was born I know dat... What do u want me to do when a policeman point a gun at me.... Or drag me to d police station with his group and change the story to police assault ... Sorry PRO don't address us, Address ur people