WAEC 2014 Results: The Bigger Danger


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The 2014 West African Examinations Council (WAEC) examinations held in May/June were released on Monday, and the results were, to put it mildly, unimpressive.

Statistics: More 68% of the registered candidates failed (by failure, this is taken to mean they couldn't achieve the minimum of five credits, English and Mathematics inclusive.)

A hindsight exploration shows that only in 2011 were up to 42% of candidates able to score the minumum required credit passes. In other years, the percentage never went above 38%, sometimes dipping as low as 23%

This is worrisome on levels greater than the mere need to gain a tertiary admission. It is an indication of a terrible secondary education system (which, if traced in a widening arc, reveals that the primary and indeed tertiary system are also in a synonymous state of decay.)

Stakeholders are not happy with this. They believe that the poor performance of students in examinations can be traced to "the poor execution of the supervisory functions of education ministries, lackadaisical conduct of teachers, parents and students." (Business Day)

Business Day newspaper says: "Nigeria is experiencing a huge youth bulge that would continue for the next two decades. If the country’s secondary education system remains moribund, there is little hope that this youth bulge will translate into a valuable asset."


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