'We Want to Go Home!' - Four Indian Doctors Forced to Treat Ebola in Nigeria Cry for Help


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These doctors are scared for their lives even as they complain that their passports have been seized so they cannot leave Nigeria. They say they have had to be on duty during the Ebola outbreak as Nigerian doctors were on strike.

Four Indian doctors in Nigeria have said they are being forced to treat Ebola patients against their will. They also charged their employers with taking away their passports to ensure that the doctors couldn’t leave the country.

The doctors – Yogesh Chandra, Dinesh Kumar, Hemant Jingar, and Kapil Chouhan – said they were threatened to not leave Primus Hospital in the Nigerian capital Abuja. With the virus spreading across the country, the doctors feared for their lives. They spoke to Hindustan – a sister concern of HT – over phone, email and WhatsApp.

“We haven’t been provided with any security kits. Our passports have been impounded. When we spoke to the Indian high commission, we were asked to come to the mission. But we were stopped by guards from leaving the hospital,” said Chouhan.

He added that the Indian doctors were forced to work since local physicians – who were on a strike – refused to come back to work when the Ebola epidemic broke out.

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Source: #Hindustan Times


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