Metro What Igbo Elites Think of Biafra Agitation by IPOB and MASSOB- Ex Minister Nwosu



Professor Alphonsius Nwosu, the Former Health Minister during the tenure of ex President Olusegun Obasanjo, in an interview published by Vanguard was quizzed dabout the position of Igbo elites on the agitation for Biafra by MASSOB and IPOB.

Here's his reply:

"I have said it so many times that the agitations of MASSOB and IPOB and Lower Niger Congress and Bilie etc have been very misunderstood by Nigeria and Nigerians. I regard these agitations as cries of anguish from the Igbo soul about the gross injustice of the Nigeria system especially towards Ndigbo.

"The Igbo soul rebels and continues to rebel against injustice. These cries of anguish are best solved through dialogue and it is important for the Nigeria government to understand this.“On the killing of the Igbo youths on solidarity with the inauguration of the American President, Donald Trump, the response of the Nigeria security forces against the IPOB rally in Port Harcourt speaks or rather illustrates the injustice very clearly to Igbo protest.

"During the period, I saw front pages of newspapers showing Shiite members wrestling policemen to the ground, but non-violent IPOB protesters had to be shot. I don’t want to say more.

When queried about what Igbo leaders are doing about it, he said:

"The only action that the Igbo leaders are taking is the only action that they can take so as not to exacerbate the issue. When you see somebody with his hands on the trigger, you don’t rush to grab the gun. I am aware that approaches have been made for dialogue to be entered into in resolving the matter but it seems that the preferred option of government is to shoot not to talk in the case of IPOB and MASSOB.


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