Metro What Needs to Happen for us to take Rape Seriously? -Daily Life



If we are to overcome rape culture we need to understand how and why it flourishes. The first step is to acknowledge that no matter where rape occurs, it is the outcome of the widespread notion that women’s bodies exist not their own sake, but for the benefit (and use) of men.

India has again become a focal point for horrified but salacious discussions of sexual assault following reports that a village elder ordered a ten-year-old girl be raped as a punishment for her father. The father’s crime was allegedly beating an intruder who had broken into the family’s home with the intention of sexually assaulting the girl’s mother.

And, even as I write this, news is emerging that the rape of another 13-year-old Indian girl was proscribed by a village council as retaliation for her brother’s crime. He was accused of sexual assault.

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SOURCE: #DailyLife