Money What Should Players Know About Online Casinos in Africa?


Africa is not spared of the eGaming wave, especially after the coronavirus outbreak. South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria lead in gambling activities in the continent. However, the online gambling landscape in Africa is not as extensive as it is in Europe and the Americas. Strict legal requirements for casinos continue to jeopardize the eGaming industry in most African countries. For example, it would take a few more years before online casinos become legal in most parts of Africa. Note that before landing an ideal casino website in Africa, players must sift through tons of information.

Online Gambling Laws in Africa​

To understand online gambling in Africa, a preview of the gambling laws across the continent is necessary. Thus, South Africa, which leads in eGaming activities, is a good starting point. While the Zululand hosts some of the best new online casinos in Africa, South Africa’s eGaming landscape is largely impeded by gambling laws. The gambling Act of 2004 is one such law. Until that time when South Africa’s president will assent to the National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008, the Gambling Act of 2004, which prohibits interactive gaming, remains enforced.

Despite being Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria lags behind in creating laws for its fast-expanding eGaming industry. The country’s gambling industry is still regulated by the Criminal Code Act of 1990 and the Gaming Prohibition (Machines) Act of 1977. It is a far cry for players who want to exploit the fast-expanding online gambling industry.

In Kenya, online casinos are fairly regulated, allowing gamblers to access gaming sites without any restrictions. However, a growing concern over gambling addiction in Kenya, especially among the youths, could signal a heightened government crackdown on gaming entities. In Ghana, the Gambling Act of 2006 legalizes online casinos. While internet access is quite costly in the West African country, the number of online casinos in Ghana continues to increase.

Notable Gambling Stats in Africa​

Africa accounts for a considerable percentage of the world’s gambling stats. In Kenya, at least 7 million people are registered with various gambling entities and the numbers keep rising. Neighboring countries, Tanzania and Uganda, have also witnessed a rise in online casinos. In South Africa, loopholes in gambling laws have become entry points for offshore gaming sites into the country’s vibrant gambling industry. Stats show that one in ten people gamble in South Africa. It explains the vast revenues the country’s gambling sector has generated annually since 2018. Studies project that by 2021, South Africa will generate $2.5 billion in gross gaming revenue. Thus, South Africa reigns supreme as the go-to eGaming destination for online gamblers in the continent.

A steady rise in popularity of online casinos is also being witnessed in the Western Parts of the continent, with Nigeria and Ghana leading the pack. Nigeria’s population of nearly 200 million means it has a huge potential for online casinos. Several studies show that at least 30% of the country’s population gambles online, making Nigeria the second most gambling country in Africa after South Africa.

Smartphones are Fueling Online Casinos in Africa​

In the last decade, Africa has relied on modern technologies to advance its development agendas. The smartphone revolution has especially shaken up the continent, creating opportunities for small and medium enterprises. Widespread smartphone use across the continent has further fueled the establishment of online casinos in Africa. While you could have ten reasons to visit Dubai, there are even more reasons to play casino games online in Africa.

High-speed internet, which is fast taking roots in Africa, further explains the rapid increase in online casinos. Because most countries are now connected to 4G internet, mobile gaming has become deeply ingrained in Africa’s gambling culture. A larger percentage of African youths now gamble using smartphones. And as more smartphone companies scramble for a share of Africa’s technology market, affordable smartphones have become accessible to punters.


Being the second-largest continent puts Africa at a pole position in the eGaming industry. A population of 1.4 billion makes Africa a prime target for popular online casinos. According to stats published on global newswire by Research and Markets, Smartphones are the biggest contributors to online gambling revenue in Africa. Mobile gaming generates nearly half of Africa’s gambling revenue, which is a strong pointer to future expectations for the continent’s eGaming landscape.

South Africa remains the leading destination for gamblers looking for the best online casinos despite legal challenges that hold back the sector. In a nutshell, Africa’s online casinos can only increase in numbers as more gamblers move away from land-based casinos.

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